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Welcome to Room 1, 2011. There are many wonderful exciting action packed activities that we are going to be involved in this year. Be part of this magical journey by viewing our blog and be inspired for greater things...

by Michael Cunliffe
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Room 1 are currently exploring the process of technology through the concept of Dragon's Den.
We would be grateful if you could take the time to read our aim and complete surveys in the 'Related Links'.

The Dragon's Den are on the look out for a new and unique product that supporters will be eager to purchase and use to support their national rugby team in the up and coming World Cup. The students' product will need to show influences of kiwiana. The Dragon’s Den members require them to put together a proposal that will include research, figures, their final design, a prototype and packaging for their product.

We have currently formed groups and designed a product and need your help to make changes to it before we face the Dragon's! Please fill out the 6 survey's on the side bar to the left! We need this completed by 2nd September!

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