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7th Grade School
School is a whiz-bang place to be. You can hangout with friends, participate in funraisers, and do school activities. First, in school you get to be with friends. Classes is a great pl;ace to be to socalize with friends, only when you are aloud to talk. At lunch you can sit with your friends and talk about your day.
Also, fundraisers can be a whiz-bang of a time at school. For example the magazine drive you can earn prize and cash prizes. This can be exciting because you go to school and all ready for prize collection. It also could be a compotision to some people, to see how many ducks you caould earn.
To end with, is school activities. You can do after school clubs with your friends. The clubs can be a thing to look forward during school days.the clubs may be something you may desirie or a hobbie. All in all school can be a whiz-bang place to be.
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