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Middle Scool can be boring or fun it depends how you look at it. Some kids think it is amazing and others think it is the worst time of their life. To me school it is right in the middle. I like group work and hands-on learning.
First, my favorite thing in school is seeing my friends. It is good to see them everyday so you can catch up on what has been going on with them. We can hang out between classes. At the beinging of the year you get to see all the classes with your friends.
In addition, some lessons could be fun if you acutally know what you are doing and it can be a entertaining subject for you. It will be a lot easier and maybe a good opportunity to learn some important.
Also, school may be boring now but,it is a really big part for your furture.For example school will help you later in life like getting a good paying job and supporting your family. You also get to learn new languages like spanish or french.
In conclusion school is good for you and your future.Just think you will be let out of this jail soon.
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