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by Christopher C teacher: Puarenga4 Mokoia
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It was the 7th of March 2011 and Puarenga Learning Centre went to Lake Rotoma Camp. We put our bags into the car and set off. Yay, we were moving away from school and home. It took ages but Mr Everiss put some songs on and we sang all the way there. We were flat as and it looked like Mr Everiss was getting a headache!
Oh, what a lovely morning as we arrived at Camp Rotoma. I glared at the camp. I didn’t expect it to look so amazing. I put my bags by the space where our tent was going. We lay the tent out, it was a huge three bedroom tent. Taine and I were in the biggest room, Zac and Jody were in one room and Wirepa and Whiti were in the other room. Whiti made the tent really messy too.
The next day we went to raft building. It was fun trying to build our own team raft. Our awesome raft was huge! We put it into the water and I was getting goose bumps. Matua Del said, “ready, set, go” All of our teams set off. Taine and I were in the front of the raft. We lay back and kicked and we were in the lead. The parents cheated and walked so I grabbed their raft and pulled it back. “Yeah, not so funny now ah”, I said. They still won! I still reckon that we should have won though. Once the race had finished I quickly got into their raft and back flipped off it. When we got out it was makariri.
Oh, another water activity but this activity was the activity that I’d been waiting for all week. This was our last activity. Matua Dave was standing there with his paddle. He took us for awesome games like battleship and maui and matau. When we were on our way back my arms got really tired and I just fell out because I was so tired. My arms where aching and saying, “let me rest!” When we had finished and I was walking back to camp my arms felt dead. I went straight to Taine’s tent and lay down.
Oh, it was our last activity at lake Rotoma but I didn't want to go. We waited until it got really dark. The burma trail started, yeah baby! Group one went first and after group two went our group went. Fred walked in and I couldn't see anything, just the glow stick. We had to go through trees and down steep hills. The hills where really slippery! I slid down hills and slipped up hills. Then it went quiet and the stupid chainsaw went off! The girls were screaming and some boys were saying, “a motorbike’s coming, run!” Once we got out of the burma trail a boy was crying and said the loopy guy had got him. We had a milo and went to bed.

I had a fun and challenging time at camp. My friends had fun too. I hope it’s as much fun next year at Thornton.

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kia ora my name is Christopher. I am eleven years old I go to Mokoia Intermediate. like motorbiking horses and fishing and rugby.

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