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color:blue">        Fifth grade has been an adventure. Fifth grade is just a whole new world. Being the oldest kids in school, being more mature, and helping the younger ones. I think this has been a great year!                          

color:blue">        Growing up is a big part of fifth grade. Personally I think I have gotten taller. I think the growth has been in the middle of fifth grade. When I see a difference, that’s the time I know that there is a big change. Learning is very important in fifth grade. I think learning in fifth grade has changed. Harder subjects, harder reading levels and tougher expectations. I learned much about myself pass this year. When I get tested for reading, I usually move up only one level, but this year was different. I moved up 2 or 3 levels in one time`. I could see the difference from 2nd grade and 5th grade. It has been amazing!  

color:blue">        My goals are another big part of fifth grade. I have one new goal that I have been trying to succeed. I am a level V in reading and my goal was to be a level X. A goal that I am still working on is do better in mental math. Another goal I am still doing is to work better in groups. I have some summer goals as well. I want to finish reading all the Series of Unfortunate events. I and my friend are going to read the books together. “Want to Series of Unfortunate events together in the summer?” “Sure!” My friend said. We made plans and I can’t wait! There are some places that I really want to visit! One place is London. I will be visiting it the summer. I also can’t wait to see the Caribbean! I will also be visiting it in the summer on a cruise. I really want to spend some time with my uncle that lives in London. I have never met him and I really look forward to it! This will help me in the summer because meeting new people (my uncle) will give me some practice in how I am going to do it with new people in sixth grade.  

color:blue">        Fifth grade is been extraordinary. I couldn’t ask for a better year. The year now is coming to an end. Which means, leaving friends, leaving teachers, and most important, leaving the school that we have been growing up in. Now sixth grade is coming toward us. Denton is traveling farther and farther away. Now it is time to enter the life of sixth grade……        

color:blue">                          Goodbye Denton                                                                                                                                

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