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Spash! Gabi threw a water balloon at Kaitlyn, and she got it right in the back.

“Bet you can’t get me!” shouted Kaitlyn.

“We’ll see about that,” said Kristina.
Kaitlyn chased Kristina with a water balloon in her hand.
“Kristina, look out!” shouted Kaitlyn.
Kristina tripped over a huge root sticking out of the ground, and so did Kaitlyn. They tripped right behind a bush. Rite behind the bush was a hole, they both fell into the hole. The hole was black as midnight.
Smash! Kristina hit the ground, really hard. Kaitlyn landed on Kristina.
“Oww!” Kristina Moaned.
“Sorry!” Said Kaitlyn.
“It’s fine. Hey, I see light!”
The two girls crawled eagerly to the light.
“Wow!” said Kaitlyn.

The two stared at the amazing sight.
Then a frog named Croak welcomed them saying:
“Welcome to the land of karate frogs. Let me show you around. Oh, by the way my name is Croak.”
“My name is Kristina, and this is Kaitlyn.”
“This is the karate center. And this is the yoga academy. And this is the gymnastics academy. Now this is my favorite, after a hard day of work you can get a fresh fruit smoothie.”
“But, we need the go home.”said Kristina.
“Were did you come from?” said Croak.
“Well, I’m not sure where we came from.” said Kristina.
“When we were at our friend Gabi’s house we fell in a hole behind a bush.” said Kaitlyn.
Croak, Kristina, and Kaitlyn looked for the hole. But they could not find it. It got dark after a while. So the girls stayed there for a while until… Bang! Boom! Bang!
The girls looked behind them, there were amazing fireworks ever. They were shaped like frogs.
“You’re going have to stay her overnight.” said Croak.
“But we need to get back to our friends house.” said Kaitlyn
“Wait! Do you hear that?” said Kristina.
Ring, ring. “What is it?” said Kaitlyn. “I’m not sure.” said Kristina.
“It was all just a dream! I can’t wait to tell Kaitlyn.”
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