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3H 2010-11

by Molly Parks

teacher: Sue Halbert

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By Sam Hoag

One nice sunny day in Cristal Ave, California. A family called the Burgers, ran to the living room to watch the news. Click click went the TV, as Sam’s mom turned on the TV. They were in the living room in there house watching the news. The Burgers were watching the TV as the news man said there are aliens in California. Then they went to their uncle’s house to see if he could help them. So they went and their uncle’s and he said that they could use some of his stuff.
So they took hand cuffs, cages and ray guns. Then they went to capture the aliens. It was like a factory there.

Then they went back to their uncles house and said, “What we are going to do with the aliens?”

Their uncle said, “You can use my rocket and take me too.” So they went to Mars and dropped off the aliens.

Chapter 2
Building a Rocket

The ship broke and they had to make a new one. So now Sam and his brother and sister and uncle made a hut. So after they were done making the hut they had a rest. After they were done having rest they went to help their mom and dad with a rocket. After 30 days making a small rocket, they took off in the rocket!

Chapter 3
Lost in space

They stayed in space for 70 days without food or water. Then they got home and the next morning a news man interviewed them on TV. He said, “hello my names is Bobby Joe on ABC with the Burgers. They just stopped aliens who tried to blow up California!” He asked “How did you do it?” The Burgers said, “We did it by going to our uncles.” Now they are famous. They decided to have a big meal.

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