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3H 2010-11

by Sebastian Guzman

teacher: Sue Halbert

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The Adventures of Meap, Meep and Mepe

“ROOM ROOM!” went the ship of the three little aliens called Meaps. They were trying to fix their ship to have an adventure in a different world.

The three Meaps were called Meap, Meep and Mepe. Meep was the smart one, but also worries a lot. Mepe is good at fixing things and flying ships. Meap encourages Meep and Mepe to go to adventures. He’s fearless, and like the leader of the group.

“I think I fixed it” said Meep to friends.

“Okay, then let’s get into the ship” said Meap. They got into the ship. The ship was small it had three chairs, so the Meaps could sit in them, and two computers.

The ship lifted off into space. They could see their green planet called planet Meap.

“We are going to hyper speed” said Meep as they passed planet Mop where the Mops live. “ZOOM!” went the ship of the three Meaps. So they went to a different galaxy. It was the Milky Way!

But then the ship stopped. They didn’t know what happened.

Until Meep said “I think the ship is broken down again!” then everybody started to panic. “Wait maybe I can fix it” said Meep.

So Meep fixed the ship. They only had enough power to get back to planet Meap. So they did.

Meap said “We’re going to hyper speed.” “ZOOM!” went the ship. They landed back on planet Meap.

Meap said “Let’s not have another adventure in a different galaxy” and they had more adventures in their planet.

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