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J Peace

3H 2010-11

by Julia Lynn

teacher: Sue Halbert

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It was a hot summer day perfect for doing what she loves best. Julie was kicking the soccer ball around in her front yard.

“I have cold fresh lemonade” called Mom.

“No thanks, I already got some from the Randers and the Millers,” I replied.

“Are you ready to go?” asked Mom.

“Where?” asked Julie.

“The beach, we are leaving in 10 minutes,” answered Mom, as she went to get her beach chairs.

“Oh no!” Julie argued. “I can’t, I have a soccer game tomorrow.”

“Too bad, get ready!” yelled Mom.

Julie ran up stair to get her heavy suit case and pulled it out from under her bed. She put as many clothes as she could fit in her suitcase, but she couldn’t find her sun block. She looked in her closet, in the cabinet and in the drawers.

“I guess Mindy will have to meet us at the beach “said Julie.

Chapter 2
“When are we going to be there? I have to be there before Mindy gets there!” I thought so mom wouldn’t hear me “We’re here”.

Julie rushed out of the car to make sure Mindy wasn’t there, she wasn’t. After every one unpacked Julie said “I have an announcement to make.”

“What is it?” said Mom.

“I invited Mindy over” said Julie.

“Great she can have dinner with us , I’ve got to get more food then” said mom .After dinner Mindy slept over .The next morning, they had bacon and waffles .
“I have an idea, we could play soccer on the beach” Julie said to her mom. She told Mindy, “I’ve got my soccer ball!”

“Good, lets go.” They played for the whole day.

“This is the best beach day ever” said Julie.

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Hi I am 8 years old and I am in 3rd grade. I love play soccer. Soccer is the most fun thing for me because I am on a travel team. Another thing is I love BACON!!! I like to go on the computer. Going to the beach is fun for me. Thank you for reading my blog.

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