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Rrr-rrr-mmm-boom-ka-boom the van that picks up Joey in the morning to go to Fun Side day camp stops at Joeys first sight of Fun Side.

Joey leaps out of the van and runs to his group.
He is looking forward to a good time, and meeting new friends. His group counselor says that the first thing on the list is wiffle ball Joey is excited. After all baseball is his favorite sport and wiffle ball is not very different to that. But Joey gets picked last for teams and gets put in right field everyone in the group is righty they are never going to hit it to him. Joey only gets a single and gets home but Joey’s team lost 2-1 when his pitcher kept pitching down the middle and four batters slammed it in the gap for four straight doubles in a row. That night Joey thinks about why he got picked last he finally figures it out nothing was hit to him so people did not think he was goods and only a single will not do . when he gets to camp his counselor says “It’s the same schedule as yesterday’’
So Joey and his group marched over to the wifflie ball field Joey gets picked last again! But, he doesn’t feel sad at all. Only in the first inning the bases got loaded with 2 outs Joey thinks of his team losing again but his pitcher
throws it down the middle and a line drive to Joeys right side and dives and makes the catch. Some how Joey batted first, yesterday he batted last. Joey steps up to the plate and swings and hits it over the fence. Joey runs around the bases. The very next day the boys that have been picking him last said now he will never be picked last ever again and never be put in right field. And now Joey will never be picked last again.

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