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By: Kailey Purnell

Where am I?
“Where am I? This isn’t my room.’’ said Bella.

ROAR, GROWL went something out side. Then as Bella rushed out side to see what was happening the ground started to shake. After that she wobbled over to the door and then she opened it and she saw the largest thing she ever saw. Bella thought it was a dinosaur.

“I must be crazy” Bella thought. About 22 seconds later Bella stepped outside and looked up. She saw gigantic trees, heard lots of funky noises, and then the dinosaur growled at her. Bella felt so very scared! She almost fainted, but she was too scared to faint. So she ran and ran till her heart felt like it was beating 100 times in one minute.

The Cave

Bella ran into the cave so the dinosaur couldn’t get her.

“That was a close one” Bella thought. Then she smelled something foul. She smelled her shirt and she found out it was her! So she walked out of the cave and found a big beautiful water fall and took a shower in it. On the way, she found a colorful bird and named it, Cookie. She found some bananas and brought them back to the cave along with the bird. Soon Bella grew tired of eating bananas and petting Cookie, the bird. So she went exploring and along her way she found the same dinosaur that chased her before! He roared so loud it hurt her ears.

“Bella, wake up honey, it’s time for breakfast” said Bella's mom.

“What, who, ohh, I’m home, finally” Bella said “Was that a dream?” Bella asked.

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