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teacher: Lorna Dobson

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Lynmore school
Room 11
Dear Me and sherlock.
I am not a girl and I am between 7 and 10.
I go to lynmore school, I am not a teacher.
I like to play a sport can you guess what it is?
At my house my bed room is geting painted silver
the same as my mum and dad's bed room. Firstly,
the people who are going to paint my bed room have to strip the wall paper down.I have a little sister called Callai, she is 3, her birth day is on August the 4th. My family phone number is 34571389 (only Kidding) if you want to call me at my house.My birthday is on may the 3rd i live in New zealand if you live in new zealand, I could invite you to my birthday i hope you are a boy because i only make friend's with boy's. I have lots of friend's in my class my best friend is Lachlan, my secand best friend is Nicolas Battersby and my third best friend is Harry.I will tell you every single one of my friends in my class Harry, Lachlan, Harper, Radin, Nicolas Battersby, Elias, Takurua, Baliey, Alex, Montell and James. I have some other friend's in other class's too their name's are George, Niko, Kaycey, Aiden, Traves, Jorden, Cameron, Zack, Ray and Shaun.I like to play on the computer and I like to jump up and down on the trampoline and i like to play on the my playstation 2.
from me and Sherlock
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