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Final Stock Project Report

Annie Fitzpatrick



            Investing in stocks is a great way to make money if you are a smart investor. You have to do plenty of research to choose the right stocks. This year in math class we had to do a project on stocks. We pretended that we had invested in three stocks and then tracked them every week. Every Friday we got our computers out and went to www.yahoofinance.com

 to check Thursday's last trade. After 24 weeks we made a final project on this unit. This essay will explain to you the three stocks I invested in and how they did. The three companies that I invested in were Hershey’s, Nike and Disney. Over all these three companies did relatively well apart from Nike, which went down 2.13 dollars. Hershey’s went up the most. I made 654 dollars with this company. Walt Disney went up almost 5 dollars and I made 401.60 dollars with this company.

             There isn’t a lot that I would change about my stocks but there are a few things I would have done differently. I would have sold Nike sooner if I could have because it went up and then dropped dramatically. I would have bought more of Hershey’s and less of Disney because this stock did better than Disney. I made almost 1000 dollars so over all I am pretty happy with my stocks

            I learned a lot during this project. I really didn’t know anything thing about stocks and investing before. If I had to give advice to other people investing in stocks I would say make sure you don’t lose you stock portfolio and keep track of your gains and losses like we did. Our spreadsheets were very helpful because we formatted them to calculate our gains and losses each week. I would also say to invest in stocks that are going up and sell them at their peek.

This project started in November and ended in May. On average during that time I made money with Nike, Disney, and Hershey’s. If I were to do this again I would Sell Nike earlier but we weren’t allowed to. With Hershey’s I made money. I think this is because we had this project during Christmas, Valentines Day, and Easter when people buy a lot of chocolate. Nike went down but I don’t know why and Disney went up because we had this project during February and April Vacation when people go to Disney World. Over all I enjoyed doing this project and tracking my Stocks.

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