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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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Owwwww! Shoobek! Yes im free from class. Now I can go to the roof. owwwwwwwwwww!! Shoobek!when something hit me in the back o f the head…. While I was sent the place in the school when you get hurt .
After that I went to class and we had french. Then we had P.E. in P.E. the coach shot the puck in mahmouds privet part so then we played hacky match.
“Gp do you know where my 250 coin is?” I said
“No” gp said
“This one?” mahmoud said
“That’s mine” I said
“None of you are going to get it” the teacher said
“This is your entire fault’ mahmoud said
“We can’t get it anyway” I said.
Next recess the ball hit me in the face and I got knokedout for 2:00 minutes while I walked to the nurse I fell down the stairs and twisted my ankle. Then when I got to the nurse she wraped a bandage on it and then I told her I got knoked out.
When I was in class with all the kids we were learning about inferring “now everyone get your book “ the teacher said I went to a place to sit but samer took it I went to another and another but they were taken.
When I was half way through the book she said stop. So I put my book in my cubby then I went on the carpet evry one got there book exept for me .
“Go get your book the” teacher said to me so I did. While I was coming back MY PANTS FELL DOWN =http://=http://!! .
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