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This piece of art is called, The South Ledges, Appledore. Childe Hassam painted this picture in the year of, 1935. I picked this photo because I could see the emotion that builds up when you take a first glance at this photo. One of the main reasons I picked it was because there is a lady in the picture. Childe Hassam didn’t have to put the lady but she did. I think the reason for that is to give more attention to this piece.

The emphasis of this painting is the lady with the hat. I am thinking the hat is what stands out a lot because the dress blends in with the rocks. The hat is brighter than the dress. I don’t think Childe Hassam wanted a pattern in this picture. Another thing I don’t see is exact shapes. I don’t think paintings should have exact shapes and Childe Hassam dealt with that very well. Childe Hassam did put shapes. Such as the water, the ocean is in the shape of a triangle but it is hard to notice.

When I saw this picture I saw with my senses. Such as, with looks, I can see a lady sitting beside the rocks. She might be lonely, sad, or just relaxing. When I look at this I feel sad or the lady needs some kind of help. I can see a boat that is also passing by in the background. If I was that lady I would be able smell the ocean breeze. The sound that I hear is the waves of the ocean that crash onto the rocks. A pleasant wave that comes across the sea and fades smoothly could be heard as well. I would also be able to taste the mist in the air.

You should see this picture and it will truly touch your heart. Especially when you see it in person, when you are at the Smithsonian American Art Museum! Be sure to visit the website! 





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