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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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The Dissection of the Heart

Students observed the dissection of the heart and lungs of a sheep, and dissected a sheep heart, as part of the science unit on the circulatory/cardiovascular system. Ms. Salem conducted the dissection.  This is a piece of writing that was conference twice with her


How does the heart feel like? Ever wondered what are the lungs like? How do you blow through the lungs? How is the heart shaped? How are the lungs shaped like? We dissected a sheep’s heart in class couple of days ago Miss Salem dissected it we were studying about Circulatory System.


When we saw plastic covers on the table, we knew that Mrs. Salem was going to dissect the heart .Mrs. Salem is the teacher next door she dissect the heart because she knows how to open it and stuff. I was so elated! I wondered what the heart would look like.Mrs. Salem came to our class and the dissection started Mrs. Salem blew into the trachea and the lungs inflated while she was blowing. It was so cool! Then she took the heart out. It was bloody and she let us touch the parts of the heart and feel them .When I touched the aorta (the biggest vessel) it felt slimy then she let us touch the cordetas (they are like strings.)They make small noises .After a bit the dissection was done.Mrs. Noshie told us “you’re going to dissect hearts in yourself. It was like the best day ever..I was with Suh-hye, Ghazi and Jeremy. We had so much fun on squeezing the heart.


In the dissection with Mrs. Salem my friend though it was awesome but I thought it was sick to be honest when Mrs. Salem opened the heart, it was soo disgusting there was blood coming out . But we did have fun.


Next we are studying about the brain It was the best dissection ever I hope we will dissect the brain.


March 2011
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