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on Easter day were going on a Easter hunt way way way far away from my house my house is only at 4th ave and for that Easter hunt you have to go on the highway Gust to get there and There is lots of
horses, Cows, goats, pigs, dogs, cats and They even
have 2 big big big big big snakes inside there house they have a pink one named bubble gum and the other one is white and that ones name is snowflake
they even have there very own tall tall tall tall tall play structure. for there kids and us to play on when we get there we even get to ride the horses
and we get to feed them and we get to feed all of the other animals that are at there house and we even get to find and paint real Easter eggs but if were bad we don't get to go to that big big big big big farm they have there and i think it is going to be very very very fun when we get there and we get to have a Easter party and an Easter supper Because were leaving at 4:00 and its only an half of an hour to get there its going to be a lot of fun there That's why were going there on Easter day i hope Easter is so so so so so soon because i cant sand Easter being so far away but Easter will be soon I am hoping it will be soon or I am going to get very very very very mad if it is not soon and I can't stand it being longer than at the end of the month and it better be nice out because if it is not nice we cant go there then i will be so so so so mad...
i am going to love this trip if its nice out.. Ha!
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