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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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Reforestation of Lebanon
Lebanon has some trees but not many. There are many that cut trees and never plant them back. This is not good. Not only for the environment but for themselves too!

Imagine the world without trees! Think of the weather!!!How hot it will be! No trees to give you shade! You would have to stay at home all summer long with the AC on.
How will children play?? No more woods that’s for sure. Parks without trees is boring. Nothing to climb anywhere anymore!!! And the animals will all be extinct!!!Chocolate is a plant in case you don’t know. No plants=no chocolate and no food=to death=http://All farmers need soil. The roots of a tree stops fertile soil from going into a river!!!How will you get crops=http://

The world would be an awful place to live in with no trees. So please don’t cut trees plant them instead!!!!It’s for your own good. This advice is not only for Lebanon but also for every other country in the earth!!
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