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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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I had just come back from recess. As soon as I bring my lunch and sit down, I hear a voice saying “RM,”it was my teacher “Yes?” I answer. “Please take your lunch and go to Mrs. Branch’s office!”

I thought I was in trouble. “What could I have possibly done?” I said to myself. I couldn’t say a word. I took my stuff and went down. It was the first time I’ve ever done this. So when I got there, I asked Miss Mariane (the secretary) were the principal’s office is. “Right over there!” she says. “Thank you!” I reply with fear. I step inside with shock! I look around, I think to myself “I think I’m in the wrong place, why is this room so pretty?” All of the sudden, someone pops up and greets me with delight. “Hello RM!” she says with a voice like an angel! “Hello!” I answer, but this time, I wasn’t scared, I was confused. I couldn’t understand how come I’m not in trouble? Why did she tell me to come here? Is it because of my pretty red hair? So I decided to ask her. When she heard what I said, she turned around and looked at me and chuckled. “Oh little one,” “You’re not in trouble!” “It looks like your teacher didn’t explain it quite well!” “Huh?” I say “What was she talking about?” I think to myself. She continued and said “You’re here to have lunch with me and some other kids from different grade levels!” She said with a sweet smile on her face. “Oh!” I finally understand. “All this time I thought I was in trouble, when in fact I was sent here to eat my lunch and meet some students!” We both laughed then sat down to eat. Before we left, she got out a box. “What was in that box?” I wondered. She opened it up, and deep down there were ….COOKIES!!! Chocolate chip cookies! She gave each of us a tissue and said, “Pretend you are in a tea party, you should have good manners, so if you want a cookie, I will give you one, but you have to say thank you after I give you one!” So we did what she told us and those were the best cookies ever!

Now I know why my teacher sent me here, to have lunch and communicate with other students! And I think I was also sent here to meet the principal and get to know her better! This day was the best day ever!
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