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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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Grade 5 is awesome! There are so many cool things you get to do!!!! This time it was dissecting a sheep’s heart!! Mrs. Salem dissected the heart and lungs for us as part of wrapping up our unit on the circulatory system.

I loved touching the heart, turns out it’s not as gooey as you think. It actually is hard, because it is a muscle. It was also fun seeing Mrs. Salem blow into the trachea which leads to the lungs inflated and deflated. Then she cut some of the fatty tissue surrounding the heart it just slipped out. She showed us the heart we got to touch it, and put our finger in the aorta, it I s big enough to put your entire finger inside.
I put my finger in, it was like touching pasta! Then there came the BEST part of all. Dissecting the hearts by ourselves! Well, in groups. I was with Maurice, Mahmoud,and Alaa. I got to cut through the septum and cut the cordites. Turns out the valves are tiny=http://!!!

It was great! Except for maybe the smell it was bad. It smelled like blood and hospitals and raw meat!!!!Other than that, it was amazing. Some of my classmates were disgusted, but I was not.
That experiment just made want to be a doctor even more. So what if I have to study 12 extra years? It is worth it=http://!!

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