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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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Students observed the dissection of the heart and lungs of a sheep, and dissected a sheep heart, as part of the science unit on the circulatory/cardiovascular system. Ms. Salem conducted the dissection.

It was a couple of days ago, when Mrs. Salem was dissected a heart. The whole operation was to show us how to do it and because we were learning about circulatory system.

It was really fun, because we also did it ourselves, the heart was very bloody. It was really cool because we got to see how the heart looks like from the inside. When the teacher cut open the lungs we got to feel the tubes that run through it. And we got to put our finger in the aorta. Mrs. Salem did all sorts of cool things, like when she blew in the trachea and then the lungs inflated.

But there were some gross things, like how the heart smells, because it smells like a dead sheep. The heart and the lungs looked liked when they were wrapped In the cellophane. What was also really disgusting is when we had to dissect the heart because it was really bloody and slimy.

I hope you will get a chance to dissect a heart. And it will encourage you to become a doctor or a heart surgeon.
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My name is Nader. I am from England and Lebanon. I like football and basketball and all sorts of sports.

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