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Popcorn Fight

An Assisted personal Narrative by


Ever been in a fight? You might know what it feels like. But you still might not know especially if you’ve haven’t been in a fight, but really don’t try to do it to have fun.


It was early when I woke up, because my friend, Daniel was coming over. It was way too early, so I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. At the end I just stared at the ceiling, waiting.

After a while, my mom called for breakfast.

“Finally!”  I said to myself. I got ready for the day and as soon as I finished, I ran to the kitchen. I looked what there was and “Waffles!” I said as the smell attacked me, along with the sight of the waffles. I rushed to my seat. “Where’s dad?” I asked .She replied,”work” where in the world does he keep going, I thought to myself. Then I thought about where my sister was but I decided that she’s also in work and so just finished eating.

I finished eating in what seemed like 10 minutes and I went to my room. My phone starts shaking like crazy every hour and 45 minutes so it meant now was 9:45. 10:00 came! As it turned out he called later to say that he was delayed for about 15 minutes.

At 10:14 the door bell went DING! DONG! .I scrambled to the door, bumped on a table, smacked on a wall, tripped on a chair and fell. I finally got to the door and opened it. “Hello” my mom said from the kitchen “Hey” he said to my mom and me. “Hi” I responded, “How are you?” he shrugged and said “fine”

 “What do you wanna do?” I finally said. Finally he answered “em TV or something,”

“Yeah sure,” I said, and we went to my room. I turned on the TV and asked “what do you want to watch?” I asked.

“Leave it where it is.” he responded.

In the TV there was a Star Wars movie. He sat on a chair of mine and me so did I. After few minutes of watching I asked “You want some popcorn?” He shrugged and said “Sure,” I went to the kitchen until I reached my mom. “Yes?” my mom asked. “Can we have some popcorn please?” She opened a cupboard and said “Ok,” then I went back to my room. My friend was nowhere to be seen .Out of nowhere a soft bouncy ball hit me in the head and went BOINK .Then he came out from behind my bed threw another bouncy ball at my head but this time I grabbed it and threw it at him. It bounced on the wall then hit him.”The popcorn is done!” My mom said. So I went to the kitchen and my mom handed me a bowl filled with popcorn. I took the bowl to my room. “so you still want to watch TV?”

“Yeah,” he answered “I’m going to the bathroom,” and he left the room. He later returned. We ate the popcorn and out of nowhere the popcorn came flying at me. It hit me in the face. He started laughing but then I threw my popcorn at him and one hit him in the eye. “OW!” he groaned and threw more at me. At some point popcorn was flying everywhere, hitting me EVERYWHERE.I threw some at his hair and it bounced everywhere. He threw some more and more at me. I ran everywhere struggling to dodge until I got a bed sheet for cover. He threw more but this time I blocked more. He seemed to have tried to get a shield as well, but I ran to the bowl and threw some popcorn at his eyes but it hit him in the stomach. He picked up some of the popcorn and threw it at me . Some of them hit me in the forehead I said. “What’s going on?” My mom asked. My mom was going to my room now and we both got pale and stared at each other with our eyes red with point. We only managed to hide some of the popcorn until my mom came.

“What just happened?” asked my mom as she got to my room. “We accidentally dropped the popcorn”

“Every where in the room?” My mom asked starring at the floor. “Yup,” I responded.

“OK but clean up the mess,” She said. “Ok,” we said together .We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up my room and then we played Xbox.

It was a good day except for the popcorn fight. After a while he left.


So remember to never make fight like that because even if they’re games you could get hurt badly specially in the eyes.
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