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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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I am from the wonderful smell of my grandma’s kitchen, from a grandma that visits me every summer on my birthday, and from cookies.
From a violin, and a companion named Celine, from a musical teacher that gives me so many music sheets, from Vivaldi songs that drive me nuts, and from classical concerts. I am from “how was school today?” and “let’s go shopping.“
I am from a cousin that doesn’t care about me, from “don’t do that” and “don’t touch this” and an aunt that has a cozy and a small house.
I am from a dad that plays golf every day, and a mom that cooks. I am from a mom that plays Handicap with me, from an uncle that kicks me every time I visit him, and from an uncle that does not want us to use his car. I am from a garden, and from a hose that is in the garden.
I am from Tinker Bell, Barney, and Power Puff girls, from a light blue blanket. I am from a friend, and from “are you free this Saturday”
I am from cute goldfish, from a classical teacher, from the right side of the bed, and from sushi. I am from students typing on their Alpha smarts going tic tic tic. I am from falling of a bicycle.

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