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We all know about what happened in Japan and we can all help. With every one's help, we can change Japan’s living. Instead of saying “Why should I help?” Ask, “Why not?”

That tsunami shook us all. Just imagine the people in Japan. The tsunami hit near many places. The people that didn’t live near the tsunami were very lucky. This disaster caused a lot of damage and it killed hundreds of people. The wave of the tsunami that was coming toward the people was 30 feet high. Do you know how tall that is?

Before the tsunami, there was a earthquake. The earthquake was not a severe as the tsunami. The people on Japan were used to the earthquakes since there are a lot that happen in Japan. The earthquake caused the tsunami and the earthquake hit the ocean floor. The earthquake was 8.9 magnitude! That was the strongest earthquake in Japan history! The earth quake lasted for 4 minutes! A normal earthquake would last for seconds but this earthquake wasn’t just any normal earthquake! The earthquake and the tsunami caused Japan to move 8 feet toward the U.S! Something that happened in Japan was the Nuclear plant.The nuclear plant got damaged by the tsunami and the air is leaking. The nuclear air is NOT good for Japan. Some people of Japan might just end up with cancer and in the next 3 or 4 generations, the people that are going to be born will have a disadvantage. Such as being blind or deaf.

Everyone can join and change Japan. Now they need our help. If this was us, wouldn’t we want all the help we can get?

  Think about it........

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