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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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March 11th, 9:00 PST the unexpected happened. A terrible combination of a tsunami and earthquake invaded the lands of Japan, causing the elimination of more than 15,000 people off earth. Innocent, helpless people, babies, workers, washed away, buried in the soil feeling the sadness of being away from their loved ones. One of the strongest earthquakes ever to be experienced on earth, with a magnitude of 8.9 according to the advanced machine, called Richter’s Scale. The Tsunami was the problem; it washed away a town and part of a city called: Sendai. The worst of all was the explosion of two nuclear plants, spreading radiation around Japan and all around the world. The risk of getting radiation is big, because it might mix with clouds and the mixture of radiation and rain will happen. This means that if it rains in the places near Japan and in Japan will get radiation.
I can feel the sadness in the Japanese citizens, losing their family and their loved ones, and all they have left is a destroyed and demolished hometown. Thousands of people with no shelter or food, and the government trying their best to provide them with the supplies needed. Countries sending lots of troops to help Japan, bringing food to them, and specialized people to help find missing, and always, always, hoping for their survival.
Think deeply about all the people who went happily to school hoping for a brighter future but unfortunately they lost their life. They left sadness and sorrow behind and many friendships and loved ones. I got to the conclusion that life is full of miseries and you may not always get what you want. But someday you will have to pass away, in any type of way. But honestly, the worst way to die is being killed by the force of nature. But always remember something, appreciate life, family, and live the moment because someday, when you pass away, you will never comeback. You’ll miss the chance of enjoying your family, friends and mostly, your life.
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