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by teacher: Rye Alumni
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I chose to design my flag of Antarctica this way because of its climate, location and animal life. Half of the flag is yellow and the other half is black. These two colors represent day and night. This is a large part of Antarctica’s culture because a large amount of the year it is either always blindingly sunny out or an endless black. I also put Antarctica its self in the middle because Antarctica is almost a circle around the South Pole, and when you look south side of a globe the windiest, driest and coldest continent appears to be in the center of everything. There are also two penguins in the continent because penguins make up much of Antarctica’s year-round residents. I also used the saying, “Loved by many, home to none.” I created this because many countries have signed a treaty that states that Antarctica will be left the way it is, in its natural form. This means Antarctica is cared for a great deal for by scientists especially, but there are no permanent residents except for the wildlife. Antarctica is a wondrous and mysterious continent and I believe it should be left that way, unclaimed and unknown.

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