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Seven Interesting Things about Russia

Have you ever wanted to go to a country, but wanted to know some interesting things about that country before you go? I am going on a adventure to Russia to find seven interesting facts about Russia.


1.    "Russia has a population of 145.5 million people, 80% of whom reside in western Russia and two-thirds of whom live in cities”("Fact").

2. Russia is the largest country in the world("Fact").

3. The capital of Russia is Moscow("Fact").

4.Russian’s full name is Russian Federation("Fact").

5. Russian celebrates New Year’s two times a year("Interesting").

6. There is the closest point between Russia and USA that is only 4 km long”("Fact").

7.   “The Russian tundra is melting for the first time since the ice age”("Fact").

While I was on my adventure searching things up for Russia, I found many interesting things. I found out a lot of new things but I could put seven, so here all the seven things I found interesting about Russia.


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