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by Richard P teacher: Melanie Transue
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Miss Transue
9cp English A-1
10 March 2011
Bad Gym Experiences
Have you ever learned a lesson? Did you know that you are supposed to bring your gym clothes to gym? What are you supposed to bring for gym class? What are you supposed to do if you don’t have your gym clothes for class?
It started off a very good day because I was well rested had all my homework done and I was ready for school. Then I was waiting for the bus. I got on the bus. While I was on the bus I had the feeling I was forgetting something. I could not participate in gym because I had forgotten my gym clothes. That was the last time I forgot my gym clothes.
Then I had remembered what I was supposed to do. I was supposed to check my schedule to see what I had for classes that day. Then I looked at my schedule and I found out that I had to have gym on that day and I hadn’t brought my gym clothes. I knew that I was going to be in trouble for not bringing them to school. I was thinking the worst. I know what its like to be in after school detention and I really didn’t want to be in after school detention again.
In the end I had to stop and realize. That I was not participating in gym class that day. Because I had forgot my gym clothes at home. So I was thinking to myself what I was going to do for gym that day. I thought about it all the way till third period. Then I realized that I was just going to have to get a referral for being unprepared. I went to Mr. Cains office and he gave me a warning for that day. I found out that forgetting things is a very bad feeling.
When you are running late to get on the bus, I found out that you can forget things a lot easier when you are late and rushing. Then when you get up at the right time and check your schedule often.
I think that I could have learned a lot of lessons in this story. But the two lessons I actually learned. Was that I should check my schedule more often. The other lesson I learned was that I should always keep a backup pair of gym clothes in my locker just in case I forget mine for that day so I would be able to participate in gym.
These are the consequences in order when you forget your gym clothes. First you have to walk into Mr. Cains office and say that you are unprepared for gym class then he will if its your first time he will only give you a warning. If it is your second or third time you get a referral. When you get a referral you have to go see Mr. Weisgold the principle and tell him what happened and why you got sent down to his office. Then if you tell him it was for gym class being unprepared for you second or third time he will give you after school detention.
In conclusion, I learned a lot of new lessons. I can learn from this lesson so I don’t make the same mistakes that I made by not checking my schedule. If I remember to bring my gym clothes I won’t have to deal with getting any more referrals or having to go to after school detention because of not participating in gym cause I didn’t have my gym clothes Or not bringing my gym clothes when I have gym. So I learned my lesson to always check my schedule to make sure to bring gym clothes on the days when I have gym class.

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