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In technology we had to look up three different slide shows about viruses and bacteria. The first power point had many different medical pictures of different bacterias effects on the human body. I think that medical pictures aren't as useful as other things. The second power point was just a lot of information and bullet points. I don't think that just information is very helpful because it gets very boring if someone is not presenting the power point. The third power point had many diagrams and bullet points. I thought it was easier to follow along with the information in the power point. I think that diagrams and short bullet point are the best kinds of helpful information, especially in power points. 


1st power point-    highschool.swampscott.k12.ma.us/.../Chapter%2019%20Bacteria%20pptls.ppt

2nd power point-    teachers.henrico.k12.va.us/...d/.../DiseaseCausedBacteriaViruses.ppt

3rd power point-    www.colorado.edu/ceae/environmental/.../wnveng-microbe-oct00.pp

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