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In technology, we were supposed to compare and contrast three Power Points about Bacteria and Viruses, that we found searching “filetype:ppt”.  

The first one was pretty basic in telling the audience about bacteria.  About their structure, bacteria kingdoms, their shapes and how they move.  It also talked about how they obtain their energy.  There was a visual to go along with this which would be good for visual people to learn.  It also had visuals for other things that are more fun than reading things off a screen, so that was good.  It did not change its background which in my opinion makes for a better presentation. However, it did have its negative points.  Though there were visuals, some of them were a little confusing.  Also, it had a slide about HIV, which was confusing because they kept saying "T cells" which I think they should have explained.

The second Power Point was not good at all.  I did not think anyone could learn well from that presentation. There was a slide which was very confusing; it just had a picture and the words: Escherichia Coli Bacterium.  Also, some of the visuals were confusing and hard to read.  On a lot of the slides, there were things that I thought needed explaining, which couldn't be good for learning if you don't know what they mean.  Also, they broke up sentences into bullet points, which was just not good presentation formatting in my opinion.    However, some slides were more informative than others. 

The third one I looked at looked like a lesson plan for teachers.  It had good information about things like the parts of a virus, but these parts were short.  It also talked about different diseases that viruses can give you and included information about a cycle viruses use to dominate a host cell.  I only saw information about viruses, so it would not do a good job about educating someone about bacteria.   

I came to the conclusion that the first Power Point would be the best to tell the basics about viruses and bacteria.  I came to this conclusion by looking at the format, it did not change the background at all which was good, and also it explained things that had been on previous slides.  It had good information about the topic.  The second one had some good information, such as explaining what a virus was, but had many other negative qualities about it.  Some parts of the graphs were unclear or even cut off, which would not be a good visual if you can't read it.  The third one had good basic information, but the information was short and would not have been very good at teaching considering it was a lesson plan.  The first one had good information, good format and was easiest to learn from.

Here is a link to the best Power Point:


Here is a picture of a bacteria dividing by  AJC1:  

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