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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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One shiny morning Bruce was in the desert looking for a pet owl. In this country, pet owls are very nice and rare. He knew a lot about owls, including that an owl would be an excellent addition to the many animals who lived in his own mini-zoo.

Bruce talked to his friend about going an a hunt for an owl. The friends were excited to be invited to join this owl adventure. The boys made a plan to start out early in the morning to capture an owl. It took a couple of days of hiking through the forest until they found a nest for the owl in a tall, crooked tree with only a few branches below the nest. Even though the nest was way up in the tree, the owl looked like it would probably not be easy to catch, but Bruce gathered his courage and climbed the tree. After a bit of a struggle with the owl, he got the owl. He grabbed the owl's flapping wings and shoved it into the leather bag he had carried on his back.

Once the owl was out of the nest, Bruce could see that the owl had been sitting on an egg. He thought if he left the egg in the nest, the owl egg would never hatch. He decided he couldn't leave the egg to get cold and kill the baby bird inside. He put the owl and the egg carefully down the tree.

Then, without any warning, Bruce fell out of out of tree and the egg seemed to jump from this hands, fall to the ground and broke. Bruce picked himself up and checked to see he hadn't broken any bones or cut himself, then stood staring at the broken egg. He felt sad but there was nothing he could do. The egg was broken and he would just have to leave it on the forest floor. He knew soon the crows would arrive and feast on the egg.

Before Bruce and his friends got out of sight of the tree, they saw the crows flying over the owl nest. Their loud screeching let the boys know that the crows were celebrating finding the egg and would be chowing down on it soon.

After about an hours hike out of the forest, the owl in the bag on Bruce's back was feeling pretty heavy. Bruce's friend helped Bruce take the leather bag off his bag and set it on the ground. The boys sat down under a tree to rest a bit. They had not realized how tired they had become. Soon they were both asleep. They didn't see that the owl had worked his way out of the bag and was getting away. A crow screeching woke the boys up to find the leather bag empty. They were so disappointed, they decided the only thing to do was to go back home tonight and set out early tomorrow and start their hunt, again.

Even though they had felt so bad about losing the owl,on their hike home they began talking about the adventures they could have when they grew up. That led them pretending to be Arab people who had been wandering in the desert for days and now were searching for water. They went over the top of the hill that led down to Bruce's house. They heard Bruce's mom ringing the bell for supper so their imaginary wanderings came to a stop, as they both raced down the hill to see what was cooking on the stove.
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