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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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Today I was sitting with my mom reading about Narnia. I just found out, that Edmond went to Narnia. He talked with the witch; the witch told him that he needed to bring his friends and if he does, he will become a prince. Of course, she was lying. The witch even gave him his favorite food in the world. It was hot chicken.

Edmund came back to the real world and found out that his friends were saying the truth about Narnia. His friends finally told the professor, that there is such a thing as a world called Narnia and they could get to Narnia from the house. The professor told them that he knew about the world called Narnia and that the evil witch lives there. He told them that it is their quest to win war between the White witch and the Narnians. The kids wanted to follow the quest and went to battle.
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