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We are an intermediate classroom in an elementary school in British Columbia, Canada. We use our blogs as a place to practise expressing our ideas in writing (and maybe even sound, pictures & video when we're ready). We try to leave thoughtful comments for classmates & other bloggers we visit. Comments help us critique our ideas and our writing. They also motivate us to do more thinking, writing, sharing & revising. You can leave your thoughts on any particular article by clicking "comment" below it. Comments will be published after I have had a chance to read them.

by T teacher: Derek Milloy

Charles Macintosh - Great inventor of raincoat, do you even know him? Me too at first I dont know. I am reading a book about inventors and I saw his name and I am confused. Who is this inventor? His invention is so useful why dont we know him?
Imagine a world without raincoat.It was raining so bad and your walking from school to your home. You dont have an umbrella, what will you do? Raincoats are so useful in our lives. I am ashamed that I dont know Mr.Charles Macintosh. A book is really useful, because of it i can know great people who are not recognized.
Raincoats are water proof clothes that protects you from getting wet. Its very useful especially when its raining.
Thank you Mr.Charles Macintosh, your invention is very useful to use especially in a rainy weather.

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