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We are an intermediate classroom in an elementary school in British Columbia, Canada. We use our blogs as a place to practise expressing our ideas in writing (and maybe even sound, pictures & video when we're ready). We try to leave thoughtful comments for classmates & other bloggers we visit. Click "comment" to leave your thoughts on any particular article. Comments will be published after I have had a chance to read them.

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                                       Movie Review

Avatar is an epic thriller that will shock everyone that how cruel human beings can be, and what they can do to obtain money. Wondering why I would make that statement, well you’ll find out soon enough.

This is how the story all began. When his twin brother got stabbed, disabled ex-marine, Jake Sully [Sam Worthington], has to take over his mission. The only way it could happen was if Jake’s and his brother’s DNA matched. Why did it have to match?  They were very lucky it did.

  His mission was, to gain the trust, and learn the weaknesses of the na’vi’s [natives to Pandora, which is the planet they are researching on]. Why would they want him to learn that stuff? They wanted him to know because, the village that the na’vi’s live on, happens to be resting on unobtanium (A rock which sells for approx. 20 million a kilo). While Jake is trying to gain the na’vi’s trust, he is entered into the tribe, and before he knows it he falls in love with neytiri [Zoe Saldana], who is a part of the tribe.

The movie is directed by James Cameron, who is a successful director before avatar was released, with blockbusters like Titanic and Aliens.

The human characters include: Jake Sully [Sam Worthington], who is a former marine who has joined the Avatar program with no Avatar training or research.  Dr. Grace Augustine who is an exobiologist and head of the Avatar Program. She mentors Jake Sully, and was an advocate of peaceful relations with the Na'vi, setting up a school to teach them English.  Trudy Chacon [Michelle Rodriguez] is a Marine combat pilot assigned to support the Avatar Program. Parker Selfridge [Giovanni Ribisi] is the corporate administrator for the RDA mining operation and one of the film's primary antagonists. Norm Spellman [Joel David Moore] is an anthropologist who studies plant and nature life as part of the Avatar Program.

The Na’vi characters include:  Neytiri [Zoe Saldana] who is the daughter of the tribe leaders. Mo’at, the Omaticaya's spiritual leader and Neytiri’s mother, and Eytucan [Wes Studi]. Well if I’ve learned from this it’s any thing can happen with special effects!

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i have seen that movie
Posted June 1, 2011 at 12:48 PM by • Jeff B
Posted June 1, 2011 at 12:48 PM by • Jeff B
A little long but nice aricle/Blog :D
Posted April 7, 2011 at 04:08 PM by • Mariah
Posted April 7, 2011 at 04:08 PM by • Mariah

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