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         Google Earth's "street view" can be very helpful, but could there be bad aspects about it too? When using street view you can zoom in to see an actual picture, taken by a satalite, of the area you want to look at. It can be helpful, for example, if you wanted to go somewhere and you knew the directions but couldn't find the place because you didn't know what it looked like, you could go onto Google Earth's "street view" and literally "walk" through the streets and get a good idea of where it is. But, wouldn't it be hard to go all the way home just to do this? You could just do it before you left, but what if you forgot to check? These are all questions that you are going to have to answer your self, according to your own kneeds. Google Earth's street view can be very helpful and fun to use, but it can also be a hassle to work  with.                                                                                                                           

         Just recently, Google Earth has made a new "street view" option. You can go into famous buildings with the help of the "street view trike". Now, you can see the inside of buildings like the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin, Ireland. This can be a very helpful tool to use and also, a cool one. You can see upfront what it looks like inside the famous spot. Teachers can use this for classes and Builders can use this to help them lay out projects the aria might want without having to go there. This new technology is very cool and can be a huge help with day to day things.


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