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by aocreate teacher: Rob Jacklin
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 When you write a comment, you usually just want to get it over with so you put something like " like ur blog, cum visit mine" , but that's  not proper.  When you write a comment you want it to be like you're writing a paper, it has to have correct spelling, punctuation, and L.A.R.K (legal, apropriate, resposible,and kind) or K.A.R.L.  Second, putting things like smiley faces and not a real comment is not really up lifting because you just put a smiley face, no "Wow that is really cool, I like how you told me about your favorite thing to do, and your funniest moment.".  Third, you shouldn't give out personal information, because someone can hurt you if you do.  That is what makes a comment good.


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My favorite game is Multi-task, I like it because it gives you ways to think. My least favorite game was shift because of all the advertising, it has all these commercials and it was just annoying. But other than that, it was a good game. I think that all these advertisements and commercials are bad for us because after seeing them we want them, no matter how bad they are. What do you think? What are your favorite games?

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