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"And I was Like Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohhhh"  Almost everyone in the U.S. knows who that song is by, Justin Bieber.  Justin Bieber is a 16 year old phononinon singer, discovered just one year and a half ago as a small town boy, is now a singing sensation.  As most of you know he just came out with a new movie, Justin Bieber 3D tour, "Never say Never".  I think his story is so inspiring to anyone who wants to follow their dreams because they can always come true. Right now Justin is trying to get out a huge message that tell people to, "Never Say Never!" This is a very inspiring saying because it says even if someone tells you that you can't do something, keep following your dreams and "Never Say Never". His story also shows how far social networking has come. If you don't know Justin Bieber was discovered off of YouTube, so if you have a good singing voice or any other cool talent post it on YouTube and you just might become a superstar if keep follwing your dreams. On another subject, I have recently seen Justin Bieber's new movie and thought it was one of the best movies I have ever seen, it is a good story, it has good singing, and an awesome main character. I would give the movie two thumbs up! If you learn one thing from this article I want it to be to never stop chacing you dreams, lastly, "Never Say Never". 



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