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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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  Presidential Qualities?

A president should be kind, honest, and most of all respectful to all people. A president should always make the country look neater and cleaner. A president should also invite presidents from other countries to visit, show the country, and have meetings. A president should have faith in his country and army to keep it safe, and definitely not to be a dictator. Like in Tunisia there was a president that was the president of Tunisia for 30 years and he was a dictator. In the early morning a teenage kid in Tunisia who graduated and needed money so he was selling vegetable to earn money but the president told the police to throw all the vegetable on the floor, so the kid got mad and throw gas on himself and his body was burnt into ashes, from that kid every person went on a strike, the president left to France they didn’t except him but when he went to Saudi Arabia they let him pass but his wife but here family members in high gobs so the people on the strike are going to kill the president wife’s family members because they didn’t escape from Tunisia.            

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