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 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

I read the book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,  by C.S. Lewis, and I also saw the movie. There were lot of similarities and differences through out the book and the movie.

One of the differences is that, I think the book didn’t show as much feeling about Lucy liking Mr. Tumnus as much in the movie.  Lucy’s Character cared so much for him in the movie. It was very clear to see how different the character traits were between the book and the movie. I think this because I saw more emotions in the movie and not much in the book. A small example of this is, that in the book Lucy didn’t show much feeling and when I saw the movie at that same part, I felt how Lucy was feeling about Mr. Tumnus.

Another difference of the character traits are, that the fox was brave enough to fight the wolves and save Susan and Lucy. In the book, the fox was not even mentioned. The movie had shown the fox and it fought the wolves. When I was watching the movie, it showed how the wolves were trying to kill the fox but still after getting hurt the fox kept fighting for Susan and Lucy. This showed how brave the fox was in the movie.

The last difference is, in the book, the White Witch made the fox into stone when she heard that her powers were going down and Christmas was coming. In the movie, the White Witch did not do that when she found out that her powers were going down. The White Witch was cruel and in the book she was not as cruel as in the movie.

Now that the differences are there, lets go on to the similarities. I saw more similarities between the movie and the book.

A similarity between the book and the movie was, that Edmond is a impolite person to all his family members. His character trait is alike in the movie and in the book. The trait stays the same.  A small example is that, when Edmond had gone to Narnia but when he came back he pretended he was never there. He was very impolite to Lucy. He said and I quote, “ Oh, yes, Lucy and I have been playing-pretending that all her story about a country in the wardrobe is true. Just for fun, of course. There’s nothing there really.” That example shows that Edmond’s character is the same in the movie and in the book.

A similarity is, Mr. Tumnus’s character trait. The movie showed Mr. Tumnus very nice at first to Lucy but turned out that he was supposed to kidnap her but couldn’t. Mr. Tumnus had orders from the White Witch. Mr. Tumnus helped Lucy find her way out of Narnia like in the book and in the movie. A quote from the book that Mr. Tumnus said is, “ Taken service from the White Witch. That’s what I am. I am in pay of the White Witch.” The same thing happened in the movie. This is one of the similarities.

The last similarity was, that Edmond deceived his brothers and sisters and went on the White Witch’s side. He left his brothers and sisters thinking he would become king. A example of this is when Edmond came back to Narnia, all he was thinking was being king and all that Turkish Delight. He was looking for the two hills to see where the Witch’s House was.

This story has many things that makes it great. It had AID ( Action, Internal thinking, and Dialog). It has all these details and the character traits are one of the best. I enjoyed both!

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