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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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I stay in the living room my whole life .Everybody body sits on me with their weight almost killing me .They sometimes lay on me with their smelly feet and sometimes they jump on me with their shoes or socks. When they watch a movie they sit on me, when they are studying they sit on me too, and when they eat all their crumbs would fall on e and in between me .So then they will take all my pieces off and they start wiping of all the dust of me. While they are sitting on me they even fart and when sometimes the house owner gets a dog or a cat they sleep on me and all their fur start spreading all over me .And when the babies comes near me all my life is ruined … All their spits starts falling on me and they start biting parts of me .They even draw on me with crayons, pencils, and markers too. And sometimes they sneak out scissors from the drawers then they start cutting or ripping me!
After they do all of that to me they decide to throw me away and get another one, thought it’s their entire fault.
I wish I could make them feel how I do so they can actually feel sorry for me and take more care of me.
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