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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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In this planet there are some good presidents and some bad presidents or shall we say DICTATORS. In my opinion a good president has the qualities to be “Honest” like for example does not lie if he did a mistake by mistake. He should even be trustworthy for example not changes the ballets in order to win the elections and renew his presidency. He should even be smart for example we cannot have and airhead being a president he will not have any qualities. He should even be experienced. Those are some qualities that presidents should have. The way to know if a president is a good one is if the people are rich and the president is rich or if the people are poor and the president is rich this means he would be a dictator if he is wealthy and the people of his country are poor! The president should even care about his country by fixing the roads, having highly educated people as cops and he should NEVER blackmail the crowd. He should even keep his country’s money balanced. He should put a very educated government and smart. And hire good cops to work that will not be with the criminal if he gives them money! A President should care about his country even if he knows he will not be president one day. It’s the thought that counts and he will make a history if he is very good. Look what is happening in Egypt they were dying to have a good president and they striked and they kicked Mr. Hosni Mubarak Out!!!! That’s what I call a good country! They fought for their rights. These are the virtues I think a president should have!

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