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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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Oh those little brats!!! They poo, pee and fart on me as if I have no feelings. Why can’t they just go to the toilet and destroy his life, he only suffers with grownups, like just tell me what am I alive for, I get peed, pooed and farted on all DAY, and at the end I get thrown in the garbage with all the smelly rubbish. I feel so useless. When they poo on me I eat it, when they pee on me I drink it, and when they fart on me I have to smell it. I only breathe deoxygenated air, I have nothing good to eat, and I have nothing good to drink, and MOST importantly nothing to breathe! I bet those so called humans would not last a second in my place, do know how it feels to suffer inside a box in a supermarket seeing a mother about top pick your brand and then they pick another brand, the ONLY thing I like about being a diaper is being a brand name, I am from the brand Huggies. The thing I hate the most is when they use me when they sleep they wiggle a lot and I have the biggest cramps!! And in the morning when they take me off they wax almost all of my furry cotton. Oh how I wish I was my father his owner threw him in the bin ages ago and now he is the junkyard or should I say paradise sitting on his wripped couch and watching his broken T.V. and he has all of the Diaplets (Girl Diapers) he kisses them and cuddles them in front of my mom and my mom has to work and serve my future stepmoms, my mother never liked her mother in law more than anyone and now she likes her more then than my own Dad, I wonder how does she feel watching her husband smooching with other ladies, she should really get a divorce!! I hate it so much when my owner’s brother tries me on he farts only! I think you learned how I feel being a Diaper! I think my owner woke up I gotta go, Bye!!

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