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Snow is basically frozen water. When we get snow its like when it rains except that the air is cold enough to freeze the snow witch turns the rain into small ice crystals. So like you guys get rain a lot we get snow a lot in the winter. But the difference is that unlike rain, that goes into the earth, the snow begins to pile up and we get really large mounds of it. Sometimes there is so much snow we can't even have school because they have to get all the snow off the roads. So like rain before a snow storm the clouds get all dark and then the snow starts to fall.

We get all different types of snow. Some snow is really fluffy and light like a giant pile of leaves, and when you jump into it, you sink right to the ground. This type of snow usually falls straight from the clouds in large ice crystals, or as we call them, snow flakes. But not all snow is like this, some snow is is really wet or sticky. This snow falls really fast and there's a lot of it. This snow packs together really well, so it's the best for making snowmen or for you to throw at your little sister, a nice snowball.

Because snow freezes its very cold and when you go outside during winter you want to bundle up. The snow can reach up to our waists or about three feet tall, so we want to were a lot of different clothing. We were a coat, gloves, a hat, snow pants, and boots. I love to go out in the snow and sled. Sledding is when we take a plastic sheet and find a large hill with a lot of snow on it. We go to the top of the hill and and slid down on the plastic sheet. It's a lot of fun because you can get a lot of speed down the hill. All and all snow is a lot of fun.
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