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Snow Storms

Before the snow comes you can feel it in the air and and it is so quiet out the sky turns gray. I listen to the news and listen to for the snow totals around the state. I also look for the school closings and hope to see that my school is closed. It gets very cold out before storm. That is what I do before a storm.

What I do during a storm. During the storm I do not spend 1 minute in side. I get up and see all the snow outside and I get really happy to play in it but before I play in it I have to shovel my driveway and it is really hard sometimes because we could get a lot of snow but then it gets rained on so it is hard to pick it up and shovel it. Then there is the snow that is really fluffy and easy to shovel. Then after I shovel I get on my snow pants,hat,gloves,and snow jacket. Then I go outside and play in the snow if the snow is wet and heavy it is good for snow balls and me and my brother will have snow ball fights. The snow does not really taste like anything it taste like water. The snow does not have any smell. The streets have snow on it so we have a snow plow come and move the snow off to the side of the road so people can drive. We all so make snow men during the storm which is 3 big balls of snow on top of each other and we use a carrot of the nose sticks for the army and rocks for the eyes and mouth.

After the snow storm I still play in the snow but not as much as during the storm sometimes the snow will stay on the ground for days because it is so cold. Other times it will be really sunny out and hot out and the snow will not last for very long. After the storm it is really good weather if it is cold to go skating which is when you metal blades on you shoes and go out and go on the ice and you glide on top of the ice. That is what I do before a storm, During a storm, and after a storm.
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