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Before a snow storm: When ever a snow storm is about to come you can smell the moisturized air, when you walk outside. When the sky looks white, you know that it is about to snow. The feeling before a snow storm is exciting, as you don't exactly know how much you are going to get, until it comes. Before a snow storm you also think about if your going to have school or not. If your going to have a snow day or not? And a snow day is when you don't have school, either when it is snowing hard or the streets are not clear. Before a snow storm, I wait for what the snowflakes are going to look like, and every snow flake is different. The snowflakes are the things that make snow white, and each one is unique. I know that the snow will soon come.

During a snow storm: You look out the window and you see the little snowflakes floating down one by one. And when you look directly at your window you see them stick on the glass. It's more exciting to play during the snow storm then after the snow storm. It's fun to catch snowflakes in your mouth but sometimes they are so little that you can't feel them on your tongue. I could be out there forever, and it's fun to build forts, and snow mans, which are big snow balls piled on top on each other with a hat, scarf, carrot as a nose, eyes as coal, and arms as sticks. It's really amazing when it snows.

In the snow you can make anything you want, a snowman, a snow angel (that is a angel that you make with your arms and legs in the snow), and a snowball that is fun to fool around with your friends. You can also sled down huge hills.

Making forts are really cool to build in the snow because you could make anything you like. It is always fun to build a fort, but it's a lot of work. You can build tunnels and still have them stable, and you can build holes in the snow banks (piles of snow) making them go so far down.

After a snow storm: After a snow storm, there is a feeling that it is still snowing. It's not sad that the snow storm is gone but it is comforting because there is still snow on the ground, hopefully. There is all different types of snow, powder (which is soft and fluffy), icy (which is hard and slippery, and sticky snow (that is good for snowman, snowballs, and forts). There is more types of snow out there though.
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