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I feel a lot of things when a snow storm is on its way. When I breathe in it is very cold and sometimes painful. I get excited because it means we might not have school. The sky looks gray and stormy, you can tell snow is on its way. I hear the weather people talking about the snowstorm and to stay inside if possible, of course kids don’t listen them because who wouldn't want to go inside and play in the snow.

During a snow storm I am outside all the time. The snow is is like a giant beach of white fluffy sand, but the sand is cold. You can eat the snow and it tastes like an ice cold glass of water. I go sledding, which is sliding down a snowy hill on a surf board type thing. You can feel the cold wind blowing in your face and the icy ground running under your gloves. It is a big rush, but when you get to the bottom you have to climb all the way up the hill. Another thing I like to do in snow storms is climb up onto my roof and jump off of it into the snow. You might be thinking that I’m insane, but the snow makes the landing soft like you're jumping into a pile of pillows, it is very fun. The longest it has ever snowed for is 2-3 days, sometimes the power goes out and it is extremely cold in the house. When you are outside in the snow you need to wear a warm jacket, snow pants, a hat, gloves, and boots.

After a snowstorm I feel sad. I hear the snowplows on the street plowing away all of the snow and know that the next day I have to go back to school. The way they plow the snow is by attaching a plow to the front of a truck and then driving the truck through the snow and pushing the snow to the side of the road, this allows cars to drive on the roads. The snow plows also make huge snowbanks that are fun to climb and play on. I love winter because you can do just about anything with snow.
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