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Snow is like rain except it falls under freezing temperatures. It falls more gently and feels like the whiskers of a cat brushing against your hand. It can pile up to three feet high piles, it taste like a cold drink of water but dry. You most where thick close in order to stay warm snow pants are water resident and are made up of many warm layers. Our jackets are about an inch thick for warmth. When the snow gets to high you have to go out and shovels it, though it is light in small bits but when you get a large pile it is extremely heavy. Snow can also be blown by the wind into the drifts, the drifts look like white sand dunes.

In the snow you can build a snow man ywhich has three large snow balls one on top of the other the biggest being on the bottom. Then you can give it arms, sticks, a nose, carrot, and a face of pedals. Building snow forts is one of my favorite things to do, you pile up snow around a small area the walls about two and a half feet tall. The easiest way to get a good front wall is to use a snow plow pile from a plow truck, these piles are about five feet high. Another thing I love is skiing, you strap skies to your shoes (skies are wide fiberglass stakes that are curved at the end) and take chair lift to the top of the mountain and them you slide down on the skies.

On a snow day we don't have school and the snow piles up to a foot. The school calls your house at 6:30 your excited but a little annoyed. This is very exciting and is the perfect time to play in the snow with a friend. The down side is that we half to make it up in the summer. If you have a hill you can make sledding track, this takes a lot of time but it is so fun to sled down again and again. You can have snow ball fights with your snow forts. Then the day ends... but is your lucky day, it's a Friday and you have the weekend to play.
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