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Playing in the snow is the most fun thing in the world. Before the storm we see these great big and massive clouds that come over our towns. They are big black clouds that make everything look gray and gloomy. During the snow storm it is not very exciting as you can not go outside if it is snowing hard and all you see is white blurs falling from the sky. Everything gets all gloomy before the storm there is really nothing to do except for wait it starts to snow. The clouds sit over you and you have to just wait for the snow. All of the kids are very anxious for the snow to come because then they can do many different things. But still before the storm the clouds get darker and darker and the whole world looks depressed.

The snow starts to fall... little by little the children waiting outside start to see little flakes of snow. All of there friends think they are crazy when they say its snowing because not all of them see it. Then the snow comes down harder and harder until you can see it completely. It looks like people are dumping buckets of graded cheese down. It does not pile up yet because the ground is not yet frozen but in about a half of an hour it starts to pile. You can have thick snow or fluffy snow or slush. Thick snow is not very good for sledding which is where you take something and slide down a hill covered in snow with it. It is very good for making balls of snow and throwing them at people though and that is a ton of fun. Fluffy snow is great for sledding but not good for snowballs. Sledding can serve for hours of fun. The snow still comes down but now it starts to become slush. Slush is a combination between snow and rain. It comes down and it is like a cold mud but it is not dirty. The snow keeps coming down and down but then sadly it stops.

Once the snow has stopped it may still be a little gloomy but the next morning is amazing. If it is a cold day the next day then all the snow will still be there. You can look out and all you see is white... you can look left and see white and then look right and you guessed it see white. With a little sun poking through the clouds it looks fantastic you can see the sun reflecting off of the little crystals made in the frozen wonderland. You can sled, ski, snowboard, make snowmen, have snowball fights, and many more fun things. The snow opens up a whole new variety of activities that we can do for fun and for the enjoyment of oneself. The sad part about the snow is that it does not last long maybe only December into maybe March or April. So we have to enjoy the little snow that we get when we get it and make the best of it. SNOW IS AWESOME!
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