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Snow! Snow is fluffy and white. Before the snow storm or blizzard you feel moisture in the air. You see dark clouds over head. When you wake up you fell a sensation of joy and happiness thinking if school will be canceled. You watch to weather channel on the television you see them talking about how much snow we are going to get.

When you go outside in your puffy coats, large snow pants, warm mittens, funny hats, long scarfs, and heavy boots we go crazy. We sled on a plastic board down a steep hill. Fall in the snow and move are arms and legs back and forth to make a snow angel. Pick up snow, roll it into a ball and throw it at someone and if everyone does this it is called a snow ball fight. Then we roll a really big ball of snow and then a medium snowball and put it on top of the big one, and finally make a smaller one and put it on top. On the top one we stick a carrot from a nose, two eyes made out of coal, some raisins for a mouth, and stick two sticks on ether side for arms, now it's a snowman. We all love to play in the snow.

We come in with red cheeks. We smell hot coco (hot chocolate milk). We take off our layers of warm clothing. We put marshmallows in our hot coco. We all sit at the table and sip our warm drink. After we finish we feel very warm inside. We get comfortable on the couch and watch a movie to end the day of fun.
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