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Another reporter caught hold of the frindle story and I just thought to myself like this is way to much for just one small word war. Nick although did get on tv and told the whole frindle story. A westfield celebrity named Bud thompson was rich and saw this frindle and created a factory full he mad millions of hundred thousands but after Tom allen nicks dad sighned contracts saying Nick owned the work Nick got a share of the money! But I felt that nicks dad was really responsable when he said for Bud not to tell Nick because he will stop mowing the lawns and take buying items for granted. Although after reading what kind of person he is I think he's greedy because every big thing coming out he uses his money to get credit and get paid for most stuff. Nick turned out as a celebrity at Lincoln elementary and everything was back to the same except for spelling test. Mrs. granger always started off with Pen spelled P.E.N but everyone still spelled it F-R-I-N-D-L-E.
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